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Ballroom Climbing began back in 2016, launched by brothers Ben & Sam Prior. Sam brought climbing expertise and Ben came from a finance background (working for an accountancy firm in the city). They both hated their jobs, and decided it was time for a passion project.

Climbing walls can be found in most cities up and down the country, but Ben & Sam decided that the biggest gap in the market was for quality bouldering facilities. Bouldering is ropeless climbing up to 4.5m above large crash mats. It’s the most accessible form of climbing as it requires zero prior experience and little to no gear to get started.

There were a number of facilities on the boys’ radar, but they fell immediately in love with the ballroom space of the old Leofric hotel in Coventry. It was a total wreck when they first picked it up - following years of neglect, and it took a lot of love to get to a place where they were ready to show it off to the public.

Doors opened a little over three years ago - and we have enjoyed being a hidden gem in the heart of the city centre, and have taught thousands of people to climb since we opened.

Ben & Sam are clearly super proud of the social hub they’ve brought to the city, which allows anyone to get involved with the sport that we all love. The centre has a great variety of routes for all levels to try, set by some of the best climbers in the country. Wherever you are on your climbing journey, you’ll find something that you’re comfortable with. Failing that, you could always book in for a one to one coaching session!

The guys can’t wait to be back, as climbing is not only a great way to get some exercise but also a way to blow off some steam, and stimulate yourself mentally – something we all need right now. They hope to be able to re-open in some capacity in July – dependant on government guidance and when Ben & Sam feel they can do so safely.

Check out their website for information on services and pricing!

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