Solitary Refinement N°1


We asked our clients and friends to help us out with some content that we feel is incredibly relevant right now.

The brief was simple - send us one look, the look that you feel epitomises your personal isolation experience. This could be anything from your favourite comfy clothes that you've spent the last 6 weeks watching TV in, or perhaps you've made a real effort for a routine trip to the shops in a bid to maintain some level of normality.

Check out the submissions! If you'd like to get involved please DM on social media, or drop us an email at


Suraj. Keeping it simple, no flex required. Comfort is my priority - lightweight tracksuit is the perfect all-rounder. @surajmannn


Jack. Dark colours reflect the current mood. Keeping it cosy, dressing up for no one. Sliders essential for maximum comfort at home. @jacktheyoung


Alex. Keeping it work focused and maintaining routine with smart cropped trousers and knitted polo. Cosy socks and shearling slippers for ultimate comfort. @alexanderjpreston


Adam. All black everything. I don't drive, so keep it tactical when stepping out - backpack and chest bag are a must. Classic old school Vans work with anything. @barberstache_


Jack. My isolation rotation is mainly comfy, staple pieces like this outfit. Relaxed fit hoody, GymShark bottoms and of course sliders. Don't watch the trim! @jackjfit


Tone. This 2011 Liquid Reflective from Stone Island will illuminate even the dullest of days. Paired with matching gold Tn's for the beer run. @warehouse1992

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