Marvis - an introduction

As with many Italian brands, Marvis has positioned a seemingly ordinary product at the forefront of another fast moving industry. At the same time, a cult-like following is a testament to how this colorful brand is creating unmistakable experiences from a common routine. Yes, we refer to the simple process of brushing one's teeth, but even the flamboyant flavors are enough to warrant such a lofty reputation for one of the simple pleasures in life.

In fact, Marvis is not merely toothpaste, but instead, this strangely exciting product is considered a modern phenomenon which has gathered an impressive loyal customer base. Stocked in more than forty countries worldwide and just about every reputable hygiene store, Marvis is even the first toothpaste to feature in some of the most famous menswear departments.


Fashion, Florence, and Flavors to Remember

Originating in the city of Florence, Marvis was created by the Martelli family and designed to be a fashion statement in the world of toothpaste.

While each one is mint-based, Marvis creates a genuinely unique lineup of flavors which includes ginger, licorice, cinnamon, and jasmine. As you might expect, this alone enables Marvis to stand out from standard toothpaste and appear enticing to the open-minded consumer in the process. Afte all, this seems like a perfectly good excuse to add some excitement to the morning routine.

Contemporary and quite unlikely, the flavors are unique in a sense that few brands seem bold enough to identify ginger, licorice or jasmine as a worthy option for toothpaste. That being said, the flavors work, and as already mentioned, the popularity of these unusual flavors by Marvis continues to grow. At the same time, there is also a whitening-centered product and the aquatic toothpaste, both of which are more in line with the more conventional mint toothpaste.

Either way, Marvis makes a point of standing out, and this is also certainly true in the case of their quirky advertising and approach to packaging. For example, accompanying the aquatic toothpaste, you will find a picture of fish which feels strangely appropriate in spite of it seeming like an unsavory thought when it comes to brushing teeth.

An Experience to Talk About

While traditional toothpaste is likely to remain, the concept of heritage toothpaste is clearly of interest to an incredibly vast audience. While some might consider this an unnecessary upgrade, it must be said that people are increasingly willing to pay for unique experiences in the modern world and Marvis is certainly one of those experiences.

Whether you opt for Jasmin, Ginger or Licorice; the outcome is often the same, for there is no denying the authenticity of this product and the strangely enjoyable flavors. When you consider the fact that this toothpaste is also fit for purpose and a reliable source of protection for the teeth, it would seem that this Italian based brand has produced a product worth talking about.

Indeed, Marvis is an experience to avoid the everyday routine.

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