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When it comes to natural products for men, few brands offer the same quality of solutions as L:A Bruket. In fact, the incredibly loyal customer base is a testament to the variety of organic home, hair and skincare products that this Swedish brand has successfully introduced to the market. From lotions and creams to scrubs and oil treatments, this delightful range never fails to impress the lucky men who stumble across their products. With this in mind, we can understand the relentless pursuit of perfection by L:A Bruket, for they raise the bar with every aspect of their products.

Organic Origins

Following a successful career in fashion and branding, Monica Kylén founded L:A Bruket with the intention of providing a range of ceramic accessories and products for the home. However, it was also during this process when the Swedish designer realized a need for natural and organic produce to protect her skin from the substances with which she was dealing.

While several skincare products were available, there were no organic examples of this nature on the market and certainly nothing to match her high expectations. For this reason, Monica Kylén set out to create a range of skin products which were loosely based on the traditions of her home in Varberg.

Consisting of an endless expanse of saltwater and seaweed, this isolated pocket of Sweden features a truly natural environment which would inspire this incredibly ambitious brand. In fact, L:A Bruket is home to more than eighty products which are distributed across more than thirty markets around the world. With a focus on well-being and holistic living, the primitive beginnings of the brand are now evident in every product while the three pillars upon which they exist is further reason to buy into the meaningful nature of L:A Bruket.

As a rule, before any new products are put into motion, L:A Bruket follows three simple rules which form the foundation of these creations.


Three Pillars of Success for L:A Bruket

Coastal living is the first of these pillars and refers to the lifestyle and origin of the brand which remains close to Mother Nature but then just as close to mankind. Another critical factor of this company is functionality, and every aspect of each product is required to have a deep sense of purpose. That is to say; attention to detail is crucial, from the physical appearance to the lingering scent and beautiful texture of each product. Finally, natural ingredients should always be at the very core of L:A Bruket products and this organic approach is the third pillar which enables the brand to stand out from competitors.

L:A Bruket and Men’s Grooming Company

As one of the most respect barbers and suppliers of grooming products for men in the UK, we understand the importance of offering only the highest quality products to our customers. In this sense, it makes sense to feature this brand which focuses on the fine detail and natural origins of their products.

While we have carefully curated the following products - just a fraction of the L:A Bruket range, we fully expect to introduce a wide variety as the year progresses. The great care and attention put into these products never fail to delight customers around the world and we are confident our own customer base will feel the same way.

As you can see, this reputable brand has a very particular eye for detail and ensures great care is infused within each product. From oils and lotions to scrubs and creams, we intend to bring a full range of these products to the UK market and the above mentioned three, are merely a taste of what we have in store for 2018.

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