Home Grooming, a word from the industry

Everybody is upping their home grooming game right now. We thought we'd share our favourite grooming tips, and reached out to some of our friends & peers to get their thoughts too! We really hope you find these tips helpful.

If you do have any questions or would like any advice, please feel free to drop us a comment or an email!


Louis Gormley - Men's Grooming Company

"Growing out the beard? Make sure you don't neglect the skin underneath. Continue to moisturise and exfoliate the skin beneath as you normally would or you will find yourself a lot more prone to breakouts."


Neal Toner - JFH Social - Belfast & Newcastle

"My best tip for home grooming would be to experiment! I've worn a 10 inch long beard for a good 8 years now. I've always considered taking it back to a shorter length and this time out of the public domain allowed me to try that with confidence, knowing I'd have time to grow it back if I didn't like it. Safe to say I'll probably never go back to a long beard now!"



Connor Evans - Men's Grooming Company

"Simplify your skin regime - if you're staying home, chances are you're going to be less exposed to dirt, grime and free radicals than usual. A good exfoliator once a week and a moisturiser daily will keep you looking fresh and energized - we recommend Baxter of California."


Josh Lamonaca - Menspire - St. Albans

"As your hair grows out, use product and wash your hair less often to begin reveal a raw new texture."



Adam Walker - Men's Grooming Company

"I like to keep it clean shaven, save for the moustache of course. When shaving I always recommend using a post shave balm to help sooth alleviate any redness."



Elliot Forbes - MUHLE Treatment Space - Soho, London

"Your hair will take longer to dry as it grows out. Focus on the scalp and roots first, and the rest of the drying process will be a lot quicker."



Matt Fleetwood - Sid Sottung Academy - Nottingham

"As you approach long hair territory, try wearing your hair back. The follicle may feel strange as the hair sits in a different direction, but bear with it. Pomades, creams and pastes work well to control longer hair and keep flexibility. Avoid anything too firm. Think DiCaprio, or Brad Pitt in fury."



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